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 CONTEXT (Personal project)

IMMO De France is a network of real estate agencies based in France with over regional 140 branches and over 1,000 employees which made a simple commitment since its inception : Reside, Live ! They wanted to refresh the company’s corporate identity : brand identity and UI/UX design. There was only one constraint : keep red and blue colors throughout the whole redesign process.


The main questions I had to give some thought : What do I need to keep from the last « version » of Immo de France ? What are the « must-haves » ? In order to improve the client’s value, I decided to refresh the design with simplicity. A better reading of the logo, and a new information architecture were necessary on the website : highlighting the important contents like new sales, building rental, or suggestions… I also created a mobile application to facilitate accessibility and establish Immo de France in the modern and digital world.