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LEVI’S 501

  • ClientLevi's
  • ServicesStorytelling, Interaction Design
 CONTEXT (School project with Sylvie Nguyen)

Levi’s is a clothing brand worn by successive generations, and created in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. In 1978, they invented the first blue jean: the famous 501® Original, « a blank canvas for self-expression ». In order to celebrate a new collection, Levi’s wanted to communicate on its new products thanks to a digital and interactive experience, in this case a Storytelling website. The main goal was to dispel some stereotypes and prove that the 501® Original jean will always be the emblem of Levi’s…


To keep the 501® Original with the times, Sylvie Nguyen and I, decided to create a digital platform for the fans and the community of Levi’s around the world. Thanks to an interactive globe of Earth, they can share experiences, memories about their jeans. However, we created a dedicated space for the brand to add some anecdotes too about this famous jean. The idea being that in the end all of those stories could make a rich and authentic universe around Levi’s Jean !

No matter where you from, your age or your culture, let’s  mark the 501® Original History