• ClientThéâtre de L'usine
  • ServicesPrint (re)design
 CONTEXT (School project)

In 2013, Karelle Menine imagined a show called « Labyrinthe(s) » which took place at Théâtre de l’Usine, Danse et Performance, a performing arts theatre in Geneva which opened in 1989. Previously novelist and journalist, Karelle Menine is a fullyfledged artist today. Known for her sound installations and performances, she needed a brand new poster for her masterpiece « Labyrinthe(s) »: one which changed with her former one but kept the same text, typography and colors.


First of all, I imagined a new composition for the poster in order to provide a better reading of the essential information: what? Who? Where? When? Then, after a careful reading of the play, which highlighted some contrasts of textures, lights and sound effects, I decided to ponder over the word « labyrinthe ». On the one hand, it meant for me a direction, an exit, a way or a deadlock and on the other hand it sounds like something messy, doubtful or blurred. So, in the end, I created the LABYRINTHE(S) poster (see below) which was based on typography and a play of motion.